Planting seeds

I leave my blood on the ground
on dead leaves
from fall trees

crimson droplets plump 
war stories 
through my body 

my blood from my body on earth's body 

wound rests
sword lays down

morning fresh with fog
warms from the glow 
of the rising sun
a web of frost melts

the dawn after the mourning
it all begins again
another chance 
to start again

my blood from my body on the earth's body

a gesture, an offering
a medallion, honour, 
            against myself, I fought

I worry less of old enemy stories...
fertilizing my intention with new meaning 
unearthing my shadow
I plant seeds with my blood 
for new understanding, for greater understanding,
celebrating all that's overcome through unveiling

making a pact
bonded to earth through blood, through body
I plant the seeds 
I need to grow. 

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