Ancient rocks, ancient like glaciation, tumbled through centuries and through time, and etched their way into the earth. 

The wind sounded like water, like waves, pushing though leaves of the highest trees, waving above and so below, all around me. A bird repeated a stanza, its song hollow, echoing.

              you give me steps to climb to your highest elevation
              you give me limbs reaching out to hold my hand
              you keep telling me
              there, there

I’m abundant 
the earth my money
coins made of gold leaves, currency 
in your presence.

I looked for something for a rock, 
an ancient glaciation rock, 
something to take with me
something in exchange for all you took from me. 

            you took my grief
            my sadness
            my shame
            my loneliness
            my anger
            my fear
            my impatience
            and my questions.

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