Fall balance

It is the Autumn Equinox, a few days past
the Harvest Moon and
the witch’s Thanksgiving,
Mabon; the Singing Moon.

Whatever you name it, the time is now
that we are halfway 
between summer and winter
when darkness emerges from the Shadows 
extending a hand to greet the end of light. 

Taking the baton, Shadow said to me,

   “Call in the wind to blow your fear past me; you cannot fear yourself.
    Strike a wooden match and hold it up to a wick. Watch the flame glow upward. I am dark; you  
    will need light.”

(candle candle burning bright…)

   “Go outside and feel the Fall rain through your clothes. Watch the times you tried and faltered  
    drip their way into the mud. Then keep walking and don’t look back. 
    Stand tall with your bones and show yourself how strong you are. You climbed to the top of a 
    mountain, now rest with the earth beneath your back and embody all that you are.

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